Latest News on Passport and Visa Applications

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Attention: Passport and Emergency Travel Document Applicants
  • New Passport Fees. For details on how to start the process of applying for a Zambian Passport, see Passport Application.
  • In-person Consular Interviews are required for eligible Zambian applicants for New or Passport Renewal, Travel Document of Identity, Bestowal of Zambian Citizenship.
  • To schedule an appointment for an in-person Consular interview, call us at (202) 450–1222 or (202) 234–4009 or send an email message to
  • Interviews are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – 09:30am; 10:30am and 11:30am except for Zambian and American public holidays. For a list of holidays, see Embassy Holidays.
Attention: Visa Applicants