Job Openings

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 Mow the lawns, prune the bushes and trees, edge the walkways and give the grounds a manicured look
 Operate snow removal equipment during the winter to keep all of the walkways and building entrances cleared and safe
 Take on special landscaping or planting projects as deemed necessary by the Administration
 Making sure the grounds and the building are always properly cared for
 Perform regular maintenance and minor repairs on the lawn care equipment and tools
 And other duties deemed necessary by the Embassy



 To provide secure and timely driving services to transport passengers and/or goods
 Transport of persons, goods and / or documents (Function type: Logistic Support) -
 Provide transportation for Head of Office, other employees of office and VIP visitors from Zambia
 Distribute mail as needed, both incoming and outgoing
 Submit entry visa applications for official travel to various Embassies/Consulates and collect visas
 Facilitate airport pick-ups for VIP visitors and transportation during official visits
 Service vehicle maintenance management - Schedule annual vehicle examination for service vehicles with the Administration Department and apply for the renewal for the vehicle license
 Determine when and what kind of maintenance vehicle needs, keep track of general maintenance schedules, especially car Tyre condition
 Ensure sound running of the vehicles assigned and arrange minor repairs where necessary
 Check oil and tyres properly and keep the service vehicles in clean condition, both inside and outside
 Keep track of timely car insurance renewals -
 Update monthly mileage records
 Maintain log book of each service vehicle on daily basis
 And other duties deemed necessary by any of the Diplomatic Staff


• Must already be a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) or US Citizen.
• Should be able to write and speak English fluently.

Both of the above positions are now open.

 The last date of submission of applications will be December 30, 2017.
 Please submit your resume to the Embassy of Zambia, Attn: Mr. Albert M. Ntemena, First Secretary (Pol.& Admin.) 2200 R Street NW. Washington DC 20008 or email: