U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Commends Zambia’s Regional Peace Efforts

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WASHINGTON DC- SATURDAY, October 28, 2017 - U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has commended Zambia’s efforts in fostering peace and security in the region. Mr. Tillerson has also hailed Zambia’s democratic credentials which have been witnessed smooth transitions resulting in the country’s vision for achieving broad economic growth.

In his congratulatory message of Zambia’s 53rd Independence Day Celebrations, Mr. Tillerson says over the last 53 years, Zambia has continued with its development as a nation that shares many common values and interests with the United States.

“We applaud your history of democracy and democratic transitions and vision for achieving broad economic growth. On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, congratulations to the people of Zambia as you celebrate the 53rd anniversary of your nation’s independence.

“Over the last 53 years, we have seen Zambia’s continued development as a nation that shares many common values and interests with the United States. Zambia continues to be a strong regional leader in fostering peace and security,” Mr. Tillerson said in a statement released on the Department of State website.

Mr. Tillerson has further hailed Zambia’s remarkable strides in fighting HIV/AIDS in the country. He said Zambia’s future rests on continued advancement in all of these areas, including constructive dialogue, reconciliation, and respect for due process and civil rights. He says the United States stands as a ready partner with the Zambian people in its developmental agenda.

In another development, Georgetown University Professor Mark Vlasic has also sent a congratulatory message to the Embassy of Zambia in Washington D.C. on Zambia’s Independence Day.

Meanwhile, Zambians across the US have held flag-raising ceremonies to celebrate the country’s 53rd Independence Day Celebrations.
In Chicago, the Zambia Heritage Association of Chicago (ZHAC) organized the flag raising Ceremony on the Eve of the Independence Day at Chicago City Hall.

ZHAC Vice President Ireen Nyaikola White noted that Zambia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and thanked the City authorities for allowing the association to raise the Zambian flag at City Hall.

Ms. Nyaikola-White said ZHAC will on Saturday, October 28, 2017 honour senior members of the community and observe a moment of silence in remembrance of all Zambians who have died in the diaspora. While the association chairperson Tamiwe Helen Sichinga also thanked Zambia’s Charge’ D’Affaires Joseph Chilaiyza for gracing this year’s Independence celebrations in Chicago.

In his independence message, Mr. Chilaizya urged the Zambian community to reflect on the country’s blessings of peace and stability that Zambia has enjoyed over the years.

“As Zambia commemorates its 53rd Independence Anniversary, we reflect on the blessings of peace and stability that our country has enjoyed and give thanks to God for the endowment of natural resources he has given for our prosperity.

“We reflect on the sacrifices the founding fathers and mothers made to attain this independence and freedom that we usually take for granted. We reflect on their dream for a prosperous and free country based on strong Christian and Zambian values of mutual respect, love, peace and good neighborliness, unity, equality for all regardless of ethnicity, religion, and gender.

“On the eve of our Independence Day which is also the United Nations Day, we feel proud to raise our flag as a symbol of this partnership for freedom with the land of the free-the United States of America,” Mr. Chilaizya said.