African Union launches Radio Station for African Ambassadors in USA

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WASHINGTON DC- TUESDAY June 13th, 2017-The African Union Mission in the
United States of America has launched a Radio Station for the African
Ambassadors Group (AAG) in Washington D.C.
The African Union Radio Station will provide a platform to promote investment
among member states in Africa and address issues affecting the diaspora in the
African Union Commission Deputy Chairperson Ambassador Dr. Kwesi Quartey
has since urged the AAG to put “Africa first” by attracting more investment in
sectors such as education, health and skills training in technology.
Dr. Quartey has also called for the promotion of peace, security and urged
member states to adhere to issues of governance and accountability to the rule
of law.
Speaking during the launch of the African Union Radio Station, Dr. Quartey hailed
the AU mission in Washington D.C for providing leadership in establishing an
African Union Radio Station for the AAG.
Meanwhile, AU mission in Washington D.C Permanent Representative
Ambassador Dr. Arikana Chihombori urged the AAG to utilize the Radio Station
as a platform to connect to the diaspora.
Dr Chihombori also called on Press Attaches in embassies of the AAG to
develop a sense of ownership of the African Union Radio Station to maximize the
“We shall also utilize the use of other platforms such facebook, youtube in
providing live streaming of various programmes for the African Ambassadors
Group in order to reach a wider audience,” Dr Chihombori said.
And Zambia’s Charge d’affaires Joseph Chilaizya has described the launch of
the African Union Radio station in Washington D.C as revolutionary to the cause
of the diaspora in the USA.
Mr Chilaizya says time has come for Africa to tell its own story because the
media in the USA rarely covers issues on Africa.
“It’s good that Africans will own their narrative when they speak about Africa
and be heard within the confines of the USA. All credit goes to the AU who have
funded this project of the Radio station. Zambians and all the diaspora should
use this forum to raise issues pertaining to immigration, jobs and education within
the current administration,” Mr Chilaizya said.