Honorary Consul for Washington State

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Dr. Albert Munanga, DBH, MSN, RN, HC

Dr. Albert Munanga is Zambia’s Honorary Consul in Washington State. He performs delegated functions on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia.

About Dr. Albert Munanga

Dr. Munanga has lived in Washington State for over 10 years. He serves as a Regional Director for Quality Improvement at Era Living. He possesses a Doctorate in Behavioral Medicine and Master’s of Science in Nursing. He also holds an accounting education from Zambia.

Dr. Munanga went to Arizona State University. He is very active in the State’s health care lobby PACs and service on Washington State’s Health Care Association Quality Committee which he has chaired for 2 years.

Currently he is a quality improvement committee member for the American Health Care Association and the National Centers for Assisted Living. He also serves as an advisory board member for the University of Washington primary care innovation lab in Seattle. In addition, he is a speaker and compliance consultant and educator on dementia and mental health specialty trainings approved by DSHS in Washington State.